playing guitar on sofa

  Life, despite everything,
is still extraordinary, in
fact even more so than

  Somehow in my deepest
Being I know that Love is.
And that it will always be there no matter what.

  Life is full of problems and complex emotions , and I get cynical - I'm sure I always did!

  But underneath it all, as a kind of ultimate reference point is Love.

  Without that Love, my guess is Life would feel pretty difficult for me. I think I've needed to find that reference point for everything else to even begin to make sense! My music is an expression of my life in all its complexity. Serious, frivolous, struggle, ease, pain, beauty. It's all part of me, all part of the music. I feel there's some kind of subtle sense of who I am comes across in the music.

  And underneath it all that incredible mystery that is LIFE, LOVE and BEING ALIVE.

  Best Wishes, Steve Burch.

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